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Just Host Just Host
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! Price 5 star 5/5
! Features 5 star 4/5
! Reliability 5 star 5/5
! Disk Space 5 star 5/5
! Bandwidth 5 star 5/5
! Customer Service 5 star 4/5
! Total Score   93%

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User Rating: 9.0 / 10  (8 Votes)


posted on Apr 12, 2009 by JuniorD

No Troubles at all

I picked justhost on the recommendation from a friend and have been nothing but impressed. They always focus on service, have answered every question I have quickly & intelligently & my site has never been down!

posted on Apr 1, 2009 by Mythophile

Moved away from Hostgator

My first search for a host was overwhelming in terms of choice and trying to filter the genuine reviews from the rest. I initially chose hostgator and after billing issues and unhelpful support went looking elsewhere. I found a website that had decent reviews (I don't remember the site now sorry) and just host received many good reports. So I signed up for 1 month to test the waters.

I initially used just host's support staff who migrated my site and assisted me with an issue that popped up early on. The support I received was excellent and very friendly. I have been using them since (almost 2 years)

I am due for renewal shortly and will be staying with them. Their speed and uptime has been great so I have no reason to change.

If you are uncertain (like I was) definately give them a try.

posted on Feb 16, 2009 by Jswift

Great value for money

I recently switched and service is excellent. I didn't think I would be able to move at all because I had a shopping cart setup. But they did an evaluation on my site, went in and transferred my system same day I ordered. Stats system was messed up and their server fixed it, something to do with the old host.

Beyond that they are just really nice people and you can't put a price on that or actually knowing who you are talking to on the other end. If you are stuck at a host, these are the guys to go to get unstuck.

posted on Jan 9, 2009 by Beth

Just Host  A+

Going from my first web hosting experience (Servage) which was VERY SLOW, i wasn't sure what to expect from JustHost. Initially, it took about 8 hours to approve my account, so my experience was off to a bad start...but that all improved instantly! It was only about 20 minutes after my account was approved that my domain name became accessible (down from 4 days last time) and the speed was a HUGE improvement upon Servage. Pluse they offer tonnes of space and tonnes of bandwidth! So far my experience (after the initial account approval) has been nothing bar exceptional! A+

posted on Dec 17, 2008 by Suraj

Great Reliable Hosting

I've been watching my site closely the past year and JH has never let me down. My site is always up. I've had no real problems with anything. If I have technical questions I just chat online with one of the support people and they always know how to take care of it. Very impressed with everything.

posted on Dec 1, 2008 by Oxy 

100% ,I recommend the Just Host.

Perfect Support made my dream come true" After trying few web hosting services , I was about to give up on the idea of hosting a site of my own ,until I tried justhost. I am here to confirm that they are exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find! FAST reliable SUPPORT,Powerfull handy Web building tools and easy to install scripts,unlimited hosting options for a very low price. Thanks to their support and generous help , I finaly managed to make and publish my site:) in a very short time. They have given me more than I expected! From fixing to installing, always there to listen and answer or do it. My personal experience with my beloved web hosting company has been one of the best experiences of my internet life time after online games. I have learned so much and am looking forward to host more domaines and sites. Even words are not enough to express my thanks and appriciation to justhost support team. I strongly suggest them to all.

posted on Nov 2, 2008 by A. S.

Cheap, good support.

Cheap with good customer service. Overall they were reliable and happily supported trasfers of large files (I used a bit of the 1.2TB of space for 10GB+ backup files - but virtually no customers will fill 1.2TB these days).

Note that they don't support encrypted Ftp sessions, so if you are concerned about sniffing attacks etc. you'd either need to shell out for Ssh access.

Overall a good company and an ethical one.

posted on Oct 17, 2008 by Jale

Their pricing is unbeatable!

I was looking for a webhosting company and like many of you was stuck on which to go with. I'm glad I made the decision to go with justhost, the price is great, the customer service was astounding (they help me set up my coppermine image gallery and wordpress). They were also very kind on the phone. I was also really glad to hear they have 100% american based support! The services they offer are great for the price you're paying I can set up unlimited email accounts and host multiple domains and websites under my one hosting account price. I would highly recommend!

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Just Host  = Reliable Host Overall + Great Features & Control Panel + Cheapest Price

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