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TOP 3 WEB HOSTING COMPANIES : Most Important Features
Name of Host User Rating Price Domain Setup Disk Space Bandwidth Email Live Chat 24/7 Phone Money Back Visit Site

Best All-round Features. Several awards for excellence in hosting

9.3 / 10

$3.95 / mo

(Our Special Offer)

Free 4 Life Free Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes 30 Day Visit Site
Just Host

This service has received very good user reviews

9.0 / 10

$3.95 / mo

Free Free Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes Anytime Visit Site
Fat Cow

The cheapest price in the entire industry.

8.5 / 10

$3.50 / mo

Free Free Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes 30 Day Visit Site
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Following are few popular web hosting services which were found to LACK MUST HAVE FEATURES

Go Daddy

Price: Unlimited space and bandwidth provided for $14.24 / mo. Cheapest plan is $4.75 / mo but it only provides 10GB space and 300GB transfer. While the above mentioned services provide unlimited space and bandwidth for as low as $3.95 / mo.


Limited space and bandwidth (value plan) provided at $5 / mo. For unlimited space and bandwidth (business plan) it costs $9 / mo.

Ix Web Hosting

Database: Only 50 databases provided in the basic plan of $5 / mo and each database can be a maximum size of only 1 GB.

Easy CGI

Price: Minimum plan is $8 / mo with not even all the above listed must have features.


Email accounts: They do not offer unlimited email accounts as offered by the top 3 web hosting companies.


What is web-hosting? In order for a web site to be available on the World Wide Web, it must be hosted on a server. To set up your own web servers and network infrastructure to host your website is very expensive and beyond the means of most companies and all individual users.

Due to this users use the following options to host their website on the internet:

Free web hosting: Provided by some free web hosting services such as Geocities, or some ISPs such as AOL, Verizon, etc.

Use a web hosting company. For a monthly fee, such a company will host your site for you on its own servers.

  1. Can't have your own domain name, i.e. Instead, have to use a domain name such as

  1. Most web hosting services offer free domain name. So you can choose your own domain name such as or, etc.

  1. Shows lot of advertisements and pop-ups on your website making your website look very unprofessional.

  1. Allow you to professionally develop your own websites without any advertisements or pop-ups.

  1. Restrictions on the amount of space you use and absolutely no support of any sort.

  1. No restrictions on space and provides excellent technical support.


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