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Why Your Domain Name is Critical to Online Success
by Shannon Evans
The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names…Chinese Proverb
How do you choose a good domain name? Why should you fuss and bother so much over the agonizing process? Is it really that important to “get it right?”

4 Ways to Be a Good Domain Name Investor
By Brian Krassenstein
When investing into domain names, one should always follow some key guidelines in determining it's long term value. It is often hard to put a value on a domain since there are so many different variables playing into the valuation equation. Below I have listed a few variables which will help you evaluate the long term prospects of a domain name investment.

Domain Flipping - How Pick the Right Domain Name
By Panah C Rad

Flipping website is one of the best ways to make money online. You can flip blogs, wikis, niche websites, and even domains. In fast, flipping domains can be done past and is probably the most painless option of the mentioned four. But you can't must flip any domain. You should take time to develop a blue-print that enables you to find and flip domains fast. Buying domain names may look simple, but it does take some work.


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